workshop construction

Ollie groundworkjpg
Ollie clearing ground for an enlarged concrete base for the shed.
digging outjpg

There was quite a lot of digging out!

downto chaikjpg

The digging took us down to the chalk.

ready for concretejpg

Ready for concrete.


Concrete down and paving surround laid.

paving lower leveljpg

Lower level paving laid.

paving and walljpg

Retaining wall built.

cut and paintjpg

Old shed deconstructed cut and painted.

walls back togetherjpg

Walls back together.

roof onjpg

Shed roof back on.

painted shedsjpg

New workshop installed and painted.


Insulation added.



bench and wheeljpg

Wheel and slate table installed.

kiln installedjpgKiln installed.

packed glaze firingjpg

Glaze firing packed.