eat and drink

blue roulette jugjpg

                                                Chun blue two pint jug.

B o B jug thin oakjpg

Jug (h 25cm) with oak ash glaze poured over temmoku.

pint jug oak roulejpg

  Pint jug with oak ash glaze over iron slip

oak splash jugjpg

Pint jug with oak ash pours over temmoku.

standard mugsjpg

Standard mugs (h 10cm)

pint mug oakjpg

Pint mug, thick oak ash glaze over iron with sgraffito decoration.

pudding bowl2jpg

Small bowl with oak ash glaze over iron slip

shallow dish willtemjpg

Shallow dish glazed with willow ash over temmoku

nibble oakpenjpg

Small bowl (d 7cm) for nuts or olives, oak ash glaze over local slip.

shallow serving dishjpg

Shallow serving dish

pasta dish willtemjpg

Pasta dish.

roulette dec jugjpg

                          Two pint jug - clear glaze over textured iron slip.

willow ash jugjpg

Jug (h 27cm) with willow ash glaze poured over iron slip.

B oB jugjpg

Jug (h 23cm)Thinly poured oak ash glaze over tenmoku

mugs sgraffito jpg

Standard mugs, with sgraffito decoration.

rust mugjpg

Small mug with sgraffito lines under thin glaze.

pudding bowljpg

Pudding bowl with oak ash glaze over iron slip.

pudding bowl 3jpg

Small bowl with fine sgraffito lines.

sideplates 2jpg

A set of side plates with wax resist decoration.

cereal bowl oakpenjpg

Cereal bowl glazed with oak ash over a local clay slip.

ginko bowljpg

Serving dish with Ginko leaf design.

wormcast bowljpg

Large fruit dish (d 30cm)